Room rates

Prices are per room per night. Prices do not include breakfast. Prices include VAT and local taxes. The rates are in EUR. If you want to pay in HUF, then we convert the EUR rates into HUF using the official exchange rate of the Hungarian National Bank. If the table below is not displayed correctly, then please use the widget below the table.

After 2019.01.07. the room rates are not available yet, the rooms are closed.

The price of extra bed: (in the following rooms: 11, 22, 32, 35, 41, 42): 5 € / day. If any extra bed is needed, please inform us in advance!
Cots can be reserved – please inform us beforehand! Cots cost 5 € / day.


Discount for children: The rooms are free of charge for children under 6, if they use the same bed as their parents (in one double bed).


Start your day with a lavish breakfast buffet that you can eat on the terrace of the hotel, while admiring the panorama of Budapest. Between 7:00-10:00 AM.

Breakfast buffet: 6 € / day / person.
Breakfast buffet for children: Free of charge under the age of 2.
Breakfast buffet for children between 2-6: 3 € / day / child.

Breakfast buffet:
Cold meals: white bread, brown bread, bakery products, toast, cold cuts, cheese, paprika, tomato, cucumber, scrambled eggs, butter, jam, honey, peanut butter, muesli, yogurt, fruit.
warm meals: eggy bread, sausages(with mustard or ketchup). On request: fried eggs, ham and eggs.
Drinks: coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, orange juice.

Our hotel does not provide lunch and dinner, but they can be ordered from a nearby restaurant.

Conditions of payment

The full amount of the fee must be paid before the rooms are occupied. Rooms can only be occupied after paying the accommodation fee. If you book more than three rooms, we require 20% deposit, which is not refundable; in this case the dates cannot be changed.

Payment options:

  • Cash (HUF or EUR)
  • Credit card (only HUF). Options: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro.
  • Wire transfer (HUF or EUR). The accommodation fee must arrive before checking-in.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your reservation until 14.00 PM on the day that precedes the day of your arrival. if you cancel your reservation after the deadline, you have to pay for the first day of your reservation. If you do not arrive, you also have to pay the same amount of money.

If you want to change your reservation, you can do so until 14.00 PM on the day that precedes the day of your arrival. If you change your reservation after the deadline (e.g. you want to stay for a shorter period of time), you have to pay the price of your original reservation.

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